I seek inspiration from so many sources. Where can you connect in my web?

There are so many sides to my personality, each inspired by a different aspect of my life, past and present. Sharing below my main inspiration for this site, share your inspirations with me. #unapologeticallyme #ownyourvibe #donotfitthebox

Ted Talks

Connecting with people

Depression and Anxiety.

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One of the most inspiring Ted Talks that I have ever heard and one of the inspirations to do this blog is Johann Hari’s ‘This could be the reason why you’re depressed or anxious’.

Humans evolved to live in a Tribe.

Johann Hari

Mental health issues are rife in this pandemic and it’s up to us to try to help ourselves and then help each other. This Ted Talk was one of the reasons I chose to start this site and this blog. My safe space. Not for trolls to give me their mindless opinions. But for a meeting of the minds. Like-minded people to connect with me. My Tribe.

Loneliness is not the physical absence of other people. It’s the sense that you’re not sharing anything that matters with anyone else.

Johann Hari
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