2021 vs Me

The right pen. The right notepad. A book, a diary, a scrawl on a page. Ideas, dreams, wishes, wants. How to begin. Where do I begin?

Who will read it? – will that matter? I want to WRITE.

So many feelings inside. Emotions running high. Pen to paper…freedom – that so many do not achieve.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Who am I? What is my purpose? Age old questions unanswered. Or are they? Do we allow ourselves to get to know ourselves? As Individuals.

I want to speak – not speak, reach out to so many hearts, that feel like mine. How? Tell my story? Social media? No.

I do not want fame nor fortune. Just an expressive outlet. Like many. What do I want to say? So much. Not always politically correct, not offensive, yet always open for interpretation/discussion/debate.

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Nirbau Nirvai. (Gurbani scripture – meaning without fear, without hate)

I didn’t know I was a religious person although I follow the Sikh faith. The teachings in this faith make so much sense to me that it’s making me sink deeper and deeper into its understanding. It teaches to look inward. Exactly what I intend to do. It teaches selfless service of the community. Exactly what I intend to do. Join me in deepening connections and having meaningful conversations with a meeting of minds during this period of isolation.

Nirbau Nirvai.

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