Mindful Ramblings

The delight of good weather on a bank holiday is second to none. The blue sky, the cool breeze, the bright sun.

Today we took a trip to Dovedale in the Peak District. It was the second time we’ve visited and this day was more glorious than the last. The rolling hills formed a marvellous scenic backdrop, until we began the ascent and before we knew it, the marvellous scenic backdrop became our literal uphill challenge.

The burbling flow of the river was serene. Effortlessly flowing unreservedly on its course. It bought tranquility, reflecting the sun ensuring that everything sparkled. Beautiful. It reminded me of my backdrop in my Calm app, one that I try to use to practice meditation rather unsuccessfully. It felt so powerful to hear it naturally and not synthetically. Unnerving. Feeling the sun effortlessly warm my face and hearing the river flow, as such luxuries had only been a possibility from my desk during the lockdown. I didn’t know how to feel…I told myself to enjoy it.

Our ascent was empowering and relentless, the girls excited to reach the top, my anxiety raging as they climbed higher and higher out of reach. I am in constant awe of the innocence and naivety of children. Fearless to any dangers, confident in their own abilities. Inspiring. Not a fan of heights yet very much a fan of beautiful views and a fan of achieving a sense of satisfaction. We reached the summit. The clear, calm day juxtaposing my racing mind and pacing heart as we sat together at the top of the world for those moments. Views for miles, stunning sunshine, togetherness.

Worth every moment.

By conquering your mind. You conquer the world.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

One step at a time. That’s all it takes. To achieve what you want to achieve. Take a deep breath, smile and take that step. This is what I learn from my ramblings. To be mindful. I have a mind full of anxiety and a heart full of love. I want to turn down the busy noise of the mind and see things through my heart.

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How are you today?

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Conscientious, Compassionate, Courageous

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