Slowly but surely, alongside working and mummying and wifeing, I have completed my Psychological First Aid course!


It is so amazing to have completed that course to identify people who may need some sort of support during these difficult times.

My next challenge is how to apply it? I feel really strongly about children’s well-being as some adults can be self-centred and children are impacted by that. I’ve seen quotes around how it’s easier to raise strong children than it is to fix broken adults and I think I’m an advocate for this.

What do you think? How do you feel about this?

In this pandemic us adults have suffered but the children have lost a part of their lives that they will not get back.

Growing up is hard. We should listen to children, we should support them.

Children should be seen and not heard.

Phrase, Victorian England

Children should not only be seen, children should also be heard. Children are our future and their voices should be heard the loudest.

Don’t make children into who you want them to be, let children be themselves. Nurture and encourage their natural talents. They ARE individuals. They can achieve anything. Innovation is within them. Let them be.

Some people, when having children proudly profess ‘I want my child to grow up to be a doctor’, ‘I want my child to be a lawyer’, ‘I want my child to be a teacher’. Should we be putting our wants onto our children? No. They are individuals with unique personalities and talents. Childhood should be about learning and finding out who we are and what we like to do. Why do we save that for our mid-life crises’? We have the support of our parents as a child, and our parents should be guiding and nurturing our talents and our wants and needs. I believe that this raises confident, happy and inquisitive children.

Please take the time to join and complete this course. Link below…👇🏽

The difficult thing is; we do not know what we do not know. Feed your mind.

My girls are very inquisitive and I am so proud of that as I try to explain the world to them and allow them to question what they see and feel so they can form their own opinions. Meaningful conversations and time well spent does not cost anything.

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What will you talk about today?

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